Latest News:
Moments is in process of launching GARCON a new Food Ordering App in Jordanian market
Moments Launched ArabSoog Application on App Store and Play Store
Moments TelecoMedia start serving GSM operators in Libya with all VAS content and services

Our professional team has deep knowledge in Fixed line, GSM, WAP, GPRS, and 3G connectivity, facilitating all types of connection and assure mutual transfer of data.


The experience we gained from direct interactive with the customers and the GSM Operators made us very focused on selecting the proper media according to different elements.


Moments develops content not only to fit advanced IP, fixed Telephony, and the wireless connection bearers, but also to be used over the traditional effective media tools

IT Solutions

Moments provides various integrated telecom solutions with the soul of VAS bearers. Those were perfectly serving government and private sector as well.