IPhone Apps

When we decided to add iphone section to our development department last year, we were pretty sure that this investment will put us just on the right path of the whole development process strategy, which keeps us up to date with market and technology trend.

For many reasons we aggressively moved into this very competitive domain although hundreds of thousands of applications made available on APP STORE might immunized new providers to find a place to sell their applications, those reasons were:

  • Having exclusivity of copyrights content.
  • Having unique Arabic and Islamic content.
  • Long term partnership agreement with TVS and Media channels.
  • Achievements and accurate delivery time.
  • Free development to clients.
  • Sharing revenue of the income generated with customers.
  • Offering live web services such as: live interactive SMS, TV live streaming.
  • Developing income generated application with all possible VAS services.
  • Moments TelecoMedia has more than 14 success application on APP STORE and looking to reach 50 Apps before the end of this year.

If you like to develop your iphone app please contact us: