Karyoki Melody Platform


Business Value:

The competition is very fierce among wireless operators, operators continuously striving to differentiate themselves to:

  • Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Retain existing customers and reduce churn
  • Attract new customers

Moments TelecoMedia released the new Karyoki that will help regional wireless operators differentiate themselves


Karyoki is an entertainment mobile utility for singing lovers targeting a large segment of mobile users: Kids / Youth/ Music lovers. It allows users to choose songs of his/her choice from the store on Karyoki portal. Karyoki store is rich of a mix of children songs, English and Arabic songs.


  • Select your favorite songs from latest list and send SMS request to your operator.
  • Record Arabic/English songs with your voice.
  • Listen to and read Arabic/English songs.
  • Synchronized text with lyrics highlighted along with the words of the song.
  • Upload the user recorded songs to a social network web site.
  • Easy to use, joyful and useful for different ages.

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