TV Manager Platform

TV Management platform is a web based system allows TV Channel to control all graphic items on screen as Chat, Logo, Vote, etc..This system was built based on long experience in telecom and media fields and also based on users requirements and customized their special needs.

Main Features:

  • SMS Filtering
  • Internal Mail
  • Users Management
  • Reporting
  • TV Items Management
  • Voting
  • Chat Activators

SMS Filtering:

  • Accept/Edit/Delete incoming messages , One by one or Batch (filter up to 50 SMS at once)
  • Multi Moderators can work in parallel
  • View/Add Smiles to messages
  • Add Control Reply with Nick name
  • Pass messages to Passed SMS Page
  • Add/Edit/Remove Nickname from user
  • Add/Edit/Remove Control Nickname
  • Add users to Black List (User's Messages will be deleted automatically)



  • Send mail to admin or a other Moderators
  • Receive mail from others


Users Management:

  • Add new moderator
  • Add new Activator
  • Add new Administrator
  • Create another user groups with specific privileges
  • Change current groups privileges



  • Hits per operator in specific date range
  • Hits per moderator in specific date range
  • Last hit from all operators to check if there is any problem or delay in SMS

TV Items Management:

  • Automated and time managed Show/Hide all graphic items on screen



  • Run multiple Votes together
  • Add new vote
  • Specify keyword for the each vote
  • Add/Remove/Edit items to each vote
  • Activate/ Deactivate vote any time
  • View results, per country/Operator/User


Chat Activators:

  • Add/Remove chat activator
  • Chat activator can send unlimited messages from system and then they will be handled normally by moderators, this is effective way to activate SMS Bar on idle times.

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