IT Solutions

In order to serve the best to its users, Moments developed an infrastructure that is connected and adapted to the evolving needs of the users.

Adequate Systems were developed to enable various users managing the services presented to them. Systems are flexible, familiar and easy to use.



We develop and integrate systems and offer online management tools to customers from different types:

  • TV Channels.
  • Content Aggregators.
  • Interactive Consultants.
  • News Distributors.
  • SMS BULK Marketers.

We also provide complete VAS integration to our clients like:

  • VAS Setup companies.
  • Educational Grade System.
  • Bank System.
  • Police Traffic System.
  • Hotel Reservation System.
  • Medical Appointment System.
  • Content Management System.



Technical support plays the significant role attaining loyalty of customers; we provide different support levels for:

  • TV channels ( A – Z ) VAS services , Satellite issues trouble shooting.
  • Connectivity's , Operators VPNS , SMPPs, HTML , GW issues.
  • TV Streaming hosting and apps issues.
  • Content delivery.
  • Launching and testing of Short codes.

We dedicate professional team to serve customers 24 x 7