Media plays a significant role in creating the awareness, and approaching the right customer at the right place and on the right time. It's not as easy as of promoting normal product, so in this case the traditional media tools would be enough to fit the need and gain the prospected customers according to pre-analysis and forecasts.

As of today, in order to advertise telecom services specifically the VAS services, you need to think deeply on how to design your ads and what exactly you are going to tell the customer. The experience we gained from direct interactive with the customers and the GSM Operators made us very focused on selecting the proper media according to different elements.

Today's Media

image002TV channels positioned the highest ranked among all media type, Video in specific is the most demanded content in addition to images and text.

As we see there is still very high demand on Satellite channels, especially for those people who were forbidden to own such media before due to dictator's regimes.

Online Media, and with the revolution invention called Social Media has break down all boarders and allow global reach of user generated content UGC, those content where distributed through Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platforms.

SAT Capacity


  • Book your space segment on NileSat, ArabSat, Hotbird, others..
  • No matter what channel size, it can be 1MHZ and of course more..
  • Get remote access to your play out system .
  • Dedicated compu- based play-out and Graphic system.
  • No license required.
  • No upfront , Monthly payment.
  • Free feeds and backhauling service.
  • Get your channel on air within 24 hours .
  • 24 hours 7 days a week support.



  • Rent latest technology assembled studios from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, UAE.
  • SD, and Full HD studios.
  • Offering SNG and OB VANs and Uplink.
  • Space Segment for backhauling.
  • Availability of encoding and decoding hardware to decrease cost.
  • Virtual Studios are also available from different vendors.



  • Interactive TV programs.
  • 3D animation.
  • Audio production for mobile content.


  • FM live radio streaming.
  • TV live streaming.
  • Portable with all browsers and mobility devices.